Sep 10, 2009

frumpy to foxy in 15 minutes flat

Alas! A book for people like moi!
I tend to be one of those people who have
a very wide range of "groomedness."

So much so that sometimes people don't
recognize me! I think this is more of a
family trait, than a unique gift of mine.

When we're super groomed we're Up There;
but when we don't, we sorta Fall Apart.

But now that I'm in my 30s, and my body
doesn't automatically look as lean and trim
as it did in my 20s, I have to pay more
attention to these things...

Hence a need to further streamline my wardrobe,
tone down my makeup(gone are my clubbing days),
avoid certain things to appear more youthful (eg. some
jewelry makes you age 10 years and some make you
look 5 years younger! Pearls VS trendy new stuff),
and then, there are the aesthetic generational gaps
(ie. I won't wear layered stuff with leggings, I'll just
stick to my straight-cut and boot-cut slacks, and the
in-between look of "skinny jeans" which I will wear
only on certain occasions), finally the new joys of
hair-styling and nail care.

OK. Well. I do plan to get trim!
I've bought a book to help me with this goal!

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  1. This would certainly be the ultimate challenge for me! I dare the author to make it happen- for instance, where is that lovely blue suit for my job interview? I don't imagine this book will put money in the bank...a terrible pity!