Feb 3, 2007

Xiong Yu

Scenery of the Back


Wall Without Window

The Sky Mourned in Silence

The Plain Hovering

Xiong Yu

Surprise Rabbit

May 15 of Mine

Puzzled 1

Puzzled 2

Puzzled 3

More of Xiong Yu's work -
from Canvasor site.

Xiong Yu

Silent Water

Flickering Trees

Gliding Flying Fish

Light of Heaven

Monolog of the Shadow

These were shown in a gallery in Seoul.
I just saw them few days ago -
they were mind blowing and soooo refreshing.
I don't even have words for them.
The figures look a lot like ET.
Loved the feel of all of them.

Some day, I want to paint like this -
intense, strange, meditated.