Oct 29, 2011

Emily Noelle Lambert

I saw her work in Seoul, September 2008.

I wanted to hang these in my Living Room.

I think this was the image that was used for the Invitation Card.

I felt so *alive* standing in front of her colors.
They were magical...

I love the primal screams raging through her canvases...
They make me connect to my core self...

Process drives my painting; uncovering and peeling away material, meaning, and ultimately my self.
This new body of work includes paintings and sculpture made within the past six months. This was a process of purging as well as cultivation. The sweet switch of duality of creation and destruction plays back and forth; wiping away, erasing, and then the rekindling. With this work, I am intuitively exploring my experiences by extracting them, both consciously and subconsciously, from a visual language of impressions, recollections and desires.
The sculpture and paintings came into being through the impulse for greater physicality, more muscle and fight, a yearning to see thought made tangible. Cross-pollinating between 2-D and 3-D, the pieces lean into one and inform one another.
The undercurrent of the challenges of life, death, love, and change, are woven through each piece. I have a desire for control of each piece but consciously allow for a lack of control¬ — the drips of paint sliding down the canvases and constructed forms are a testament to the uncontrolled. The melding of paint, net, glass beads, and monkey fur result in a clash of meaning and making. I am aligning my artistic process with the process of living, seeking meaning, lyricism and striving within both.