Nov 24, 2010

Bruno 9Li

Hot & Rising (already quite risen maybe) Artist from Brazil :-)

Oct 9, 2010

Fashion Magician; Mondo Guerra

Wow. Just how exactly does he do all this?

I was watching some episodes of Project Runway
and I'm totally blown away by this man's talent & genius.

A Magician.
That's all I can say.

He knows how to make clothes,
he has his own taste and take on things,
he knows how to translate looks into his own vision & territory.

Just amazing.

Totally in-spirational...

Sep 25, 2010

Male Actors; the Long Term Fascinations

When I was 12, I totally fell for Pierce Brosnan in the TV series Remington Steele.
He was a bit fickle, but he was entertaining.

I slowly let go of him around the time he became too public 
as he reached his status as the New James Bond.

I soon found a fascination for a truly Bad Boy
personified by Ralph Fiennes in the movie Schindler's List.

For a really long time he was my favorite actor...
Then I had a brief fascination for Richard Schiff in the West Wing series.

Most recently, I found myself very attracted to Mr. Rob Morrow in Num3ers.
I'm happy today because he just started a new role in the Whole Truth.

- the end -

Sep 4, 2010

Three Wise Monkeys

This is the original site in Japan where the Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and See No Evil monkeys were depicted. It is said that the story actually originated in China.




A helpful tip for ordinary peeps like us... who may not live up to such high ideals.




Version 1.0 for our generation...




and Version 2.0 !

Jul 21, 2010

Aura Soma by a Lady Named "Viki"

One of the bestsellers in Seoul these days is a book on color. I feel that it is a bit like "horoscope in gem-like bottles."

Still, how gorgeous they are!! I spent hours and hours on their website... choosing 4 bottles... You can go and try it yourself.

Jun 27, 2010

Babe Paley

I was browsing through a fashion icon book the other day, and came across a name I have never heard of. I forgot about all the other women in the book, came home and googled her. Her name is Babe Paley.

I can't believe I've lived 30 years of my life, not knowing her!

Well, actually we all know her in some ways; this is the lady who started that trend of tying a scarf around your bag, and this is also the lady who started the trend of wearing a mixture of real jewelry and costume jewelry!

I don't know why none of the Korean fashion magazines have referenced her; her style is so perfect for the "demure" aesthetic that is so required in Korea.



May 3, 2010

Emily the Strange, a Rip Off?!!?

Sad but true; I just discovered that Emily the Strange was a clever copy of a one such Rosamund. To read more on this go here: