Jan 3, 2017

Fantasio's Haunting Scene ::: Digital Artist Oliver Wetter

Recently, I learnt about Soul Languages and my business soul language has a Raven mentioned... 

Maybe it is that, but whatever the issue, I am really drawn to this art. There is something haunting and evocative about it. It feels 'authentic' to me. :) 

The Art of Fantasio – Oliver Wetter

German artist Oliver Wetter also known as Fantasio creates beautiful fantasy themed artwork and imagery for book covers and publishing. Oliver Wetter’s specialty is creating dark figurative portraits using a mixture of photography, sculpture, painting and digital image making. In our selection of favourite images from the artist below, we have a whole harem of bizarre and twisted fantasy females – part machine, part alien and part scarey but all strangely attractive! 

To view more of Oliver ‘Fantasio’ Wetter’s imaginative illustrations and fine art creations we ask you visit his homepage at www.fantasio.infoand on DA at fantasio.deviantart.com