Jul 6, 2014

[Contemporary Art] Paintings by Andrew Crane

Facebook is just one of those things that connects you to *alive* artists.
Here are some paintings by Mr. Andrew Crane of UK.

It's been such a pleasure viewing his updates!
And I felt it was time, I shared them with the *world* outside of Facebook webz!

[ V a l k y r i e ]
oil, house paint and graphite on paper
14 x 15½ inches | 2014

[ blue sky ]
oil and acrylic on paper
21 x 32 inches | 2014

[ 21 or 22 maybes ]
oil and house paint on canvas
48¼ x 38 inches | 2014

[ Jonas gets things moving ]
acrylic, house paint and chalk on paper
12 x 12 inches | 2014

[ alleluia ]
plaster, paint and graphite on paper
13 x 20½ inches | 2014

[ cement sketch ]
cement and paint on canvas
20 x 24 inches | 2014

* * *

What I appreciate most about his works is a kind of Evocation that takes you on a journey towards your stored memories. The markings are territorial yet transient. They are about identities or entities emerging - disappearing - fading - lost.

It's also a genius combination of colors that one will not tire of, but the deceptively translucent quality skimming the surface of the canvas scape seems to make mockery out of the heaviness or somber quality of the tonal values.

I can actually imagine each one of these paintings on a Tshirt... :-P

I for one would LOVE to wear these, if they were well proportioned with the right level of texture and fabric weight.

I think the last four would definitely look great as Tshirts. I should probably be my *cheeky* self and ask Mr Crane if that would be OK with him?

They remind me so much about my upbringing...

Much love to you, Inspirati companions!