Jan 3, 2017

Early Christian Symbolism - What the Peacock Represents

So a few nights ago, I started looking up 'Sublime Art' which led to the previous digital artist, 'Fantasio'... which led to Japonism and peacocks. 

Here is an example of peacocks being used as a symbol of immortality which Jesus has gifted us, or which he embodies as Christ the Savior. I like the use of negative space with the peacocks being nested in them, with Jesus's arms stretched out, embracing all of the world. 

More evidence to the first image... Peacocks are such dazzling birds, it is no wonder that an artist would choose them to 'Glorify God' ... It is interesting too that it was believed that peacocks' flesh would not rot or perish! Further reinforcing the message of immortality.

Below, a more rustic version with peacocks sitting atop the dome... This one is more Catholic with Mary being the central figure, not Jesus by himself.

* * *

So, going back to my initial findings... Gorgeous gold and black, with a little bit of green... these quadrilateral panels exude something of that Excelsior vibe... 

Below, The Peacock Room in Washington DC by Whistler... Another drools-worthy imagery... 

Here is another 'sublime' type of painting... but with a pronounced orange-gold tone sharply contrasting against the green-blue of the body. It is exquisite and heavenly...

This last one is another jewel! I love the color palette being so restricted; austere yet glamorous... Usually this color combination is found in Egyptian pottery and crafts, but Japan and Korea also uses these colors in their art. Klimt would have painted this :P 

OK. That's all for this evening~

Happy Inspired 2017!