Oct 29, 2011

Ryan Schneider

My work is a process of sorting out past, current, and future events in my life and environment. Each piece is a collage of situations and emotional states, laid onto canvas in paint. The result is psychological portraits of relationships, objects, and people. For me, the process of painting is a physical act of exorcism, a metaphorical emptying of the head. Color, form, perspective, and composition all act as vehicles that move me through this process of purging. This experience is very personal for me. It is my belief that once I put these images out into the world, they are still wholly attached to me and to the experiences that lead up to their making. 
My ultimate goal is to create an honest experience for the viewer by fostering within them a metaphysical space where they can exist for a period of time thus inspiring an emotional state, akin to the state I am in when I paint.