Mar 15, 2011

Alfred Wallis

Alfred Wallis, Hold House Port Mear Square Island

I *just* discovered this guy last night and I'm thrilled! You can tell that this is a scene he felt and experienced - on a personal level. He is not painting to fit into an idealogy or a school of painting. And I think that is just so *precious* to behold and admired...

(from Wikipedia) ... His paintings are an excellent example of na├»ve artperspective is ignored and an object's scale is often based on its relative importance in the scene. This gives many of his paintings a map-like quality. Wallis painted his seascapes from memory, in large part because the world of sail he knew was being replaced by steamships. As he himself put it, his subjects were "what use To Bee out of my memery what we may never see again..."[2] Having little money, Wallis improvised with materials, mostly painting on cardboard ripped from packing boxes using a limited palette of paint brought from ships chandlers.

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